Any materials, Any products, Any industries, Any styles.

What is it?

Hydro dipping also known as hydrographics, water transfer printing, cubic printing, aqua print, etc.

It’s a way that apply any printed designs to any object surface.

Materials: Fits for metal, steel, aluminium, glass, plastic, ceramic, wood, etc. almost all materials.

Applications: Auto, building material, home decoration, toy, shoe, furniture, etc. almost all industries.

Hydro dipping car interior
Hydrographics bike

Why need it?

Same product, why client choose you? Lower and lower profit, no new profit point? 

Client’s individual needs, can’t meet? Want to expand business, no ideas? ……

All questions are not question, because of hydro dipping.

Product value added (30% at least), custom (any styles), get more clients with higher profits.

Advantages: Best way for irregular surface treatment with any picture. (not only color).

How to start?


Dipping tank: Place film, make dipping.

Rinse tank: Wash object surface residue.

Spray booth: Spray primer and top coating.

Drying oven: Drying surface painting.

Machine size is up to object dimension and capacity demand.

Film: 20,000+ patterns, new films monthly, custom film available.

Activator: 15L for 250sqm films, formula available, make it on local.

How to start hydro dipping
Hydro dipping phonecase

Hydro dipping process

1. Primer / Base coat: Enhance adhesion,vivid effect. (Spray booth) 

2. Drying: Drying time & temperature is up to materials. (Drying oven)

3. Dipping: 28 to 30 degree, activator 50 seconds later. (Dipping tank)

4. Washing: 360 degree washing surface residue. (Rinse tank)

5. Clear / Top coat: protect objects surface. (Spray booth)

6. Drying: 60 degree, 30 minutes. (Drying oven)

Cost and Profit

Hydro dipping cost:

1. Machine and shipping cost. (1 time cost)

2. 1sqm film cost: 100-120g primer,100-120g top coating, 0.06L activator, 1.8$ film.

With local materials price, get precision cost, 1 square meter film total cost is about 3$ in China.

3. Average cost is up to object dimension

For example: 10cm*10cm*10cm(L*W*H), 1sqm film for 16pcs. So 3/16 = 0.2$/pc

Hydro dipping profit:

30% at least, some objects profit from 50% to 200%.

Amazon price for reference: (almost same as in E-bay).

Down one is hydro dipped helmet, Up one is original helmet. 

Before price
After price
Hydrographics factory

Why BST?

Founded in 2008 year

Industry top 3 brand within 3 years

35 countries 280+ clients same choice

20,000+ films, all hydro dipping kits.

Unconditional return due to poor quality

24/7 service, lifetime tech supporting

Only supplier who has 3 factories in this industry.

Hydro dipping application


Bottle & Cap



Stainless steel


Home appliance






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