Hydro dipping kit

Hydro dipping tank, Rinse tank, Drying kit, Spray booth. etc

Hydro dipping tank

Dipping objects. (Manual & Automatic)


Sizes recommend (manual):

1.6m*0.6m*0.8m (W*D*H)

2.0m*1.2m*0.8m (W*D*H)

2.4m*1.2m*0.8m (W*D*H)


Sizes recommend (Automatic):

8.0m*0.9m*0.8m (W*D*H)

10.0m*1.5m*0.8m (W*D*H)

12.0m*1.5m*0.8m (W*D*H)

Hydro dipping kit

Drying oven

Drying primer & top coat.


Sizes recommend:

1.5m*1.0m*1.5m (W*D*H)

2.0m*1.3m*1.8m (W*D*H)

2.4m*1.3m*1.8m (W*D*H)


RKC digital screen control panel.

750w motor and 10.5 inch wind wheel.

Auto power off control when over setting temperature.

2 layers 100k 80mm thick silicic acid aluminum cotton.

201# 1.5mm SS inside, 1.2mm cold rolled sheet outside.

Spray booth

Spray primer and top coat.

Sizes recommend:

1.6m*1.8m*1.8m (W*D*H)

2.0m*1.8m*1.8m (W*D*H)

2.4m*1.8m*1.8m (W*D*H)

Cycle system, save water.

Healthy friendly for worker.

Leakage & overheat protection, auto start system.

Flowing guide system & filter system & spray system.

With 201# or 304# stainless steel, 2.0mm +/-0.2 thickness.

Rinse tank

Wash after dipping.


Sizes recommend:

3.0m*1.0m*1.4m (W*D*H)

6.0m*1.0m*1.4m (W*D*H)

10.0m*1.0m*1.4m (W*D*H)


Speed adjustable: 1 to 5m per minitue.

Cycle system, save water, 360 degree washing.

Window design,easy to clean and repair inside.

160mm stainless steel gear main drive, 1.5 inch PVC pipe.

201# stainless steel chain, 1.5mm stainless steel plate belt.

Spray gun

Spray primer and top coat. (For manual hydro dipping tank)

Recommend Japanese brand “Iwata

For activator: model 101, caliber 1.0

For primer: model 77, caliber 2.0

For top coating: model 71, caliber 1.5

Hydro dipping spray gun


Usually 15L activator for 250 square meters films

Suggest to make it on local, chemical liquid is hard to ship

Recommend kit for new starters

Hydro dipping tank: 2.0*1.2*0.8m (L*W*H)

Rinse tank: 3.0*1.0*1.4m (L*W*H)

Drying oven: 1.8*1.2*1.8m (L*W*H)

Spray booth: 2.0*1.8*1.8m (L*W*H)


Hydrographic film: 500sqm

Activator: 30L (15L activator for 250sqm films)


20GP container inside size: 5.8*2.3*2.3m (L*W*H)

How to start hydro dipping




Own factory, total solution


Hydro dipping kit customized


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All hydro dipping kits


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24 / 7 service

Hydro dipping process

1. Primer / Base coat: Spray booth

2. Drying: Drying oven 

3. Dipping: Dipping tank

4. Washing: Rinse tank

5. Clear / Top coat: Spray booth

6. Drying: Drying oven


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