Water transfer printing

Everything about water transfer printing

What is water transfer printing?

Water Transfer Printing (also known as hydrographics, hydro dipping and cubic printing) is a surface decorating process with wood, carbon fiber, camo, design, flower styles etc to product surface.

How about market?

It’s used on almost all materials including plastic, glass, ceramic, glass, wood, aluminum, rubber and metal. Applied on automotive, furniture, interior decoration, home appliance, kitchenware, shoe, electronics, etc

The market is limitless, potential customers are endless. It’s also the best way for irregular surface objects.

Water transfer printing glass
Hydrographics home appliance

Is it durable?

With automotive grade clear coat, designed to withstand nature and time

Is it hard to do?

With training, it will be much easier, practice makes perfect. You need professinal partner like BST

Whether it can be removed?

Yes, but painting over it is simpler. by using acetone can strip it off.

Do I have to use special water?

No, any water from a clean supply is ok.

How much film will I need for part?

It’s up to part dimension, send size to us, we will calculate for you.

Do i need to change water each time?

No, BST hydro dipping tank uses cycle system, water can be used for long time, change it until smells bad.

Water transfer printing cup
Hydrographics cosmatic

What can I dip?

Any hard surface you can get the base coat to adhere to you can dip.

Printed items can be reprinted?

Yes, items that are not printed to satisfaction can be re-printed for printing primer again.

Primer and Top coat necessary?

Primer is to adhere ink stronger, All materials need to spray primer except ABS.

Top coat is to protect surface, and make it looks matt or glossy.

Water transfer printing primer & top coat?

Water transfer printing primer is to strong film adhension.
Primer : Thinner = 1 : 2 ( for example, 1 kg primer with 2 kg thinner )

PC: Spray PC paint
TPU: Spray TPU paint
TPR: Spray TPR treated water
PPR: Spray PPR treated water
PP: Spray PP treated water then spray PU paint
EVA: Spray EVA Treated water,Drying,Then spray soft paint
Nylon: Spray Nylon treated water,Drying,then spray TPU paint or PU paint
TPE: Spray TPE treated water after warm the material,Then spray PU paint

Water transfer printing top coat is to protect surface.
Glossy or matt style. ( Thinner : Glossy / Matt PU : Curing agent = 3 : 3 : 1 )

Hydrographics ceramic
Hydro dipping game

How to get right base color?

Base color: ( Usually White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue as base color)
Purple: bright red + blue + black 2:3:5
Pink: purple + bright red 4:6
Orange: Medium yellow +bright red 7:3
Khaki color: white + yellow + black + bright red 7.5:1:1:0.5
Dark green: Medium yellow + dark Blue + Black 5:4:1
Ultramarine: Dark Blue + bright red 7:3
Purple: red + Dark blue 8:2
Pink: Bright red + white 4:6
Sapphire: Sapphire + white 4:6
Dark gray: white + black + blue 5:3:2
Green: Dark blue + purple + white 5:3:2
Brown: red + black 6:4
Green fluorescence: fluorescent yellow + white + fluorescent green 4:3:3

How to install machine?

We send videos to show you how to install, Get a local electrician will be much help. We will come if need.

Do you provide training?

You enjoy free training after order machine, come to our factory or we will send videos.

Step by step, untill you master it. no time limit, no person limit. 

Practice makes perfect, we will find your problems during operating, solve it for you soon.

You also enjoy lifetime tech support.

Hydrographics bike
Hydro dipping car

Parts of the film melt and some do not after activator?

Covering the film evenly with activator. Spray straight down and averaged.

Film spread out too much after activator?

You may have used too much activator or waited too long to dip.

What if too less or too much activator?

Too less: Item surface roughly with some spots.

Too much: Pattern distortion and ink of design will slide from items.




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